Oh Allah make us reach Ramadan!

Assalam u alaikum wr wb,

Alhamdulilah , it’s almost about time that Ramadan has come very near. We all wait for this month all year. It is because we understand it’s blessings. The gates of heavens gets opened and the gates of hell gets closed.

Ramadan is the month of fasting.

To fast is to attain piousness , it’s not just a ritual. To attain the degree of piousness one must acknowledge Allah’s greatness. To acknowledge Allah’s greatness one must know about Allah from the book that came from Him. ^_^


Let’s look at how we spend this month and what is the significance of it?

Ramadan is the month of Quran. We all keep on hearing this statement. 
What is Quran?

Quran is not just any book, we must realize it’s significance . It is important to know it’s importance to have our hearts open towards it’s significance.
Just last year , I had no idea what it will be like to listen to the words of the ONE who created me. I did recite Quran and completed it as well, but did I also increase in my faith? Did I understand what the creator wanted from me? Did I know how much I wanted to talk to my Allah? Did I know myself like I know now? Did I have a connection with Allah subhana wa taa’ala like I have now after reading Quran? Did I know how the prayers gets answered? Did I understand life after death like I do now?
To be really honest, the answer to all of these questions is “Nay” I have never experienced the pure bliss.


How can we experience this bliss? 

There are several ways of knowing one’s creator. Best is the way by seeking knowledge about Him from the source that came from Him. I believe that when we move away from the real context and look more deeply into other stuff like trying into jump into everything all at once makes the knowledge of Quran lack in it’s essence because we fail to take it step by step. It’s like after a student has done his matriculation you expect him to graduate because he has all the basic knowledge.

The criteria of getting the knowledge of Quran is first and foremost being humble about your knowledge. Ask yourself , how much do I truly know? How much have I read myself? Am I just practicing my own idea about Islam? Am I practicing what my parents think about Islam as truly they’ll know everything and henceforth they must be right? Is my parents even practicing?

These questions has to be asked. The knowledge has to get gathered in order to have knowledge. As most of the time, we say things which are not true or which we have no knowledge about but we say them because we feel them. To feel something is human nature, to question is also natural. But not to get the answers right, not to clear a mind’s confusions is unnatural. Not going the natural way , makes the hearts anxious and it looks for answers in the places other than the place it requires answers from. Allah wants us to have this knowledge about ourselves, that’s why He sent Quran down.

How to get started in this month?


  1. Just make a proper intention. ” I have to know , Who am I?  what is this life? Why the miseries don’t end? Why isn’t God helping me? “. Answers should be in Quran. I am created by Allah, He knows and He tells. That much, I must believe.
  2. Make a sincere prayer. “Oh Allah make me start getting this knowledge little by little, make me understand Quran in it’s true meanings. Ya Allah , make Quran change my heart” Ameen.. (Add more)
  3. Properly plan a proper time anytime in the day. Make it suitable and a time in which you can properly focus.
  4. Know your capability, You have to properly absorb all that you learn one day even if it is one ayah a day.
  5. Look for a place or a person who you can discuss what you read every day or look at the answers for the confusions or troubles you get while reading. ( e.g farhathashmi.com , bayyinah.tv ,  a friend who has read Quran or done some proper course, A nearby masjid’s imam ).
  6. You’ll have to know that you have to struggle just a little . You have to realize there must not come any breaks. It has to be a consistent effort. You have to go through all the book so that it sinks in. You have to increase in faith and without some struggle it ain’t possible. (We all have struggled a lot in any course ).
  7. Quran is not a difficult book but a deep book and it’s subject is human himself. But, when a person properly plans to start reading this book, the devil does gets his way around. He knows how to manipulate us as he is our biggest enemy. This devil doesn’t want to see us living peacefully but Allah wants that for us. Now, the choice is ours to make?
  8. A very important point is you don’t have to finish all Quran in this month if you are reading it after so long. It’s a sure thing you’ll take time getting to grasp it’s meaning. The purpose is different. Allah looks at the struggle in your capacity and He rewards a person according to it. What we can do is do only the reciting whenever we get some free time or when we get “BORED” . Rolls eyes, we do plenty of stupid stuff just to kill time in Ramadan, so make sure not a minute goes wasted. We all have all the year for doing all that stuff. Why not give one month to serenity ?
  9. Last nights of Ramadan, we all can get our sins washed. We all can repent. May Allah makes us reach layla tul Qadr and may we be repenting in the night when He forgives us Ameen.

May Allah helps us in gaining the knowledge that benefit our souls. May He be pleased from us and May we get pleased with Him. May He forgives us all during this month and make us closer to Him. May we all understand our priorities and May our intentions gets purer and purer. May we die in the state when Allah is pleased with us.  Ameen.

Jazakumullahu khayrun kaseer.

Assalam u alaikum wr wb.

Our negative reactions becomes a gateway to our guilt. Our guilt drives us to the corners of madness…

Assalam u alaikum wr wb,
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
Been so long , today is but the day to finally write of what I understood of the concept gratefulness .
Grateful , thankful, Being good, Thinking good.
Gratitude is not a word and definitely not saying Alhamdulilah when you don’t feel it. We actually don’t really feel the positive energy that comes into our halos if we don’t feel the gratitude.
What is gratefulness really?
Have we been grateful all of our lives?
Lets see about that…
Gratitude to me is the acceptance of reality, Meanwhile being happy about it.
3 ways are a must to show that we are being grateful :
  1. One is we feel the greatness in our hearts, we actually feel grateful.
  2. Second is we say something about it. If it’s a person then thank them. If it’s Allah then think about ways to improve our worship more.
  3. Third is we do some sort of action. For instance we give a gift or do some other action of the sort.
Gratitude is not just a mere thought , it’s a thinking pattern. It’s a wide behavior. A number of blessings need to be a part of constant reminder in one’s list. A number of things which we lost or no longer are in contact with needs to be analyzed. How far have we come? What impact could’ve been in our lives of the things/people that are no longer here ?
Blessings are a part of all of us. We are all fully indulged in these blessings, from the moment we wake up to the moment we lie down. We constantly breathe with absolutely no idea how is it happening and how so smoothly. Good riddance for such thoughts , such is our case. But, really how miserable a human is? If one gets ill, they are not able to do anything given more we complaint a lot.
Bandage of ComplaintOnce a saint saw a man with a bandage tied round his head.

“Why have you tied the bandage?” he asked.

“Because my head aches,” the man replied.

“How old are you?” he demanded.

“Thirty,” he replied.

“Have you been in pain and anguish the greater part of your life?” he enquired.

“No,” the man answered.

“For thirty years you have enjoyed good health,” he remarked, “and you never tied the bandage of thankfulness. Now because of this one night head ache, that you have, you tie the bandage of complaint?”

And if We make man taste mercy from Us, then take it off from him, most surely he is despairing, ungrateful. And if We make him taste a favor after distress has afflicted him, he will certainly say: The evils are gone away from me. Most surely he is exulting, boasting; except those who are patient and do good, they shall have forgiveness and a great reward. Noble Qur’an (11:9-11)

Surely, we are given a lot of blessings. Surely, we need to understand we are dependent upon Allah subhana wa taa’ala for even breathing. We need Him every single moment of our lives. How come we are in the phase of denial then. Being grateful not only protects the blessing that we are granted with but we are also increased in abundance , it’s something that Allah has liked for us.


If you disbelieve – indeed, Allah is Free from need of you. And He does not approve for His servants disbelief. And if you are grateful, He approves it for you; and no bearer of burdens will bear the burden of another. Then to your Lord is your return, and He will inform you about what you used to do. Indeed, He is Knowing of that within the breasts. Az-Zumr:7

Isn’t this ayah amazing? “If you are grateful , He approves it for you”. 
After reading this , I felt I no longer need a reminder on being grateful. Allah the Lord of this world has approved something for me. It has to be true.

Example: Getting a great degree, if it is not recognized if it is not approved nationally or internationally, what use could it be of? None . Absolutely null.

If we think about life , the first and foremost emotion approved by Allah is Gratitude. Quran starts from the word Alhamdulilah( All praise and gratitude is for Allah) . It’s gratitude that heals us and keeps us happy and going.  

It cannot be bad for our philosophies , it cannot truly make us feel low. The more grateful we are, the more happy we become. The more happy we become , the more positivism revolves around us and the surroundings become happy too. No matter , the people around are happy or not. Everything will get affected by positivity as it gets affected by negativity.

A negative behavior changes everything upside down. 
For instance, A person who arrives for the first time and we are to meet them. The halos are neutral. We don’t know them, they don’t know us. The moment we see the a process starts. This process is dependent on the way we think. The reactions we get are also dependent on our actions (most of the time). A little smile, a little gesture of affection can totally change the scenario. On the other hand, thinking I would smile when I see them smile at me because I might feel more soft due to that action. But , think.. even thinking about smiling makes you smile. It’s not the other person all the time. We all need to be happy and grateful for our own halos. WE all need the positivity of our behaviors for our own selves. We might otherwise harm ourselves. I know it’s a big word to say. But guess what ? It’s true. The more negative we think the more negative we become. & Our negative reactions becomes a gateway to our guilt. Our guilt drives us to the corners of madness. 

May Allah protect and guide us all , in believing and following what is best for us in this world and the hereafter. Ameen.

Quran in my life..

Assalamu alaikum wr wb,

Wo sab pochtay hain mujse ke kia hai ye ketaab Allah..
Kiu parhti ho yeh?
Aik hi baat to likhi hai.. Allah aik hai aur shirk na karo..
Sab ko to pta hai kia hai Islam aur kon hain Muslamaan
Kia maloom karti ho?
Kia dhoondti rehti ho?
Kiu itna khapti ho?
Ghar mai bi to parh sakti ho?
Ghar hi reh leti , kuch aur kar leti..
Yeh kaam to kisi bi kaam ke saath ho sakta hai
Aisa karti ho jaisay koi PHD degree kar rai ho..
Chutti hi karlo..
Rigid hoti ja rai ho.. akhir kia parhti ho .. Jahan parhti ho main ne suna hai wahan ja kar log bas apnay apko siyana samjhtay hain baqi sab ko bewaqoof.. kabi tm bi aisay lagti ho..
Deen to amal ke liye hota hai itni batain kiu karnay lagi ho.. har waqt bas aik hi cheez.. kuch log amal kar letay hain aur kuch nahin.. bas itna samajh lena kafi hai..

Kabi mai sochti hoon ke kabi mujay kisi ne aisa kuch ni kaha jab mai ne koi bi doosra kaam kia.. phir chahay wo kaam kitna hi fuzool ho. Chahay us kaam ke meri apni zindagi pe koi b asraat na partay hon , na achay na buray. Phir ye ketaab Allah parhtay hoye hi kiun aisa keh rahay hain? Jabke mai to kisi ko ziada kuch kehti bi nahin.. na koi tableegh na hi koi zabardasti kisi ke saath . Bas apnay liye kar rahi hoon kuch zindagi mai pehli baar ya koshish kar rahi hoon Allah ko razi karnay ki. Mera gharz to aur kuch bi nai.. Phir kiu ni yeh sab kuch kisi ko samaj ata?
Sab ko bhool gya hai ke Quran kia hai? Sab log is se itna door ho gaye hain jitna kabi mai bi thi.. Mai kaisay kisi ko bi qusoor war thehra sakti hn.. Un tak to wo roshni ki kiran pohanchi hi nai jo mujh tk pohanch gai.. Un ko to wo sab kuch mehsoos hi nai hoa jo har roz mujay hota hai.. Abi tk to baqi sab ne Quran ko jana hi nahin.. Phir mai apnay apko zada qusoor war kiu nahi thehra rahi?
Quran kia hai aur mai kiun parhti hoon?

Itni kitabain parh lin main ne 
Ke shumar karna hi muskil hogya,
Aik ketaab e zingadi mai,
Yoon laga dil mai noor a gya,
Mai janti thi khud ko kab se,
Quran mujh mai wo marifat shukaran ya rabbi la gya,
Nahin mai nikli kabi ghar se jis gharz se,
Lagta hai jaisay ab wo zindagi ka maqsad hogya,
Baton hi baton mai kitna waqt beet giya,
Batain kia Quran to sochon tak ka miyaar bta gya,
Bharosa kiya logon pe to bar bar thokar khai,
Bharosa kia Quran pe to itmenan e qalb a gya,
Jo duhraya sabq dunya ka ,
To pohanch gai daldal tak,
Jab parha Quran e Pak,
To khuda pe bharosa a gya,
Hamesha hi maine kosa kismat ke sitaron ko,
Quran Majeed mafhoom e taqdeer ko samjha gya ,
Mohabbat karti rahi mai nadaano ki tarha,
Sab mayar aur tameer bas apnay dimagh ki,
Jab parha Quran to har zawiya badla gya,
Meray qaiday meray qanoon meri duain meri mohabbatain meri nafratain mera apna ap,
Aik Quran sab ke sab ko pani mai baha gya,
Mai hamesha se hi aam si larki thi,
Quran se jaisay meri shakhsiyat ko nikhar a gya,
Kuch to badla hai mujh mai, Kuch to toota hai andar,
Awaz nahin ai par qaraar a gya,
Kabi jo tm mujse pocho ke Quran kia hai ?
Mai kahon gi 
Allah ka kalaam a gya,
Samjho aur suno to pa jao ge wo roshni,
Jis ke miltay hi dil ka sukoon, har sawal ka jawab aur khuda pe bharosa a gya….

Alhamdulilah hi rabbil alimeen.
Bottom Line: Quran ko parhnay aur Allah ki marifat hasil karnay ki zarurat hai , aur wo sirf Quran se hasil ho sakti hai. 

Walaikum Salam wr wb!

We have forgotten to sacrifice for the sake of our creator..

Assalam u alaikum wr wb,

Sometimes I wonder how hard is it to think deeply about our originality. When I started writing it was so easy to write on random topics without much authentic knowledge and little wisdom that I used on my own. But now it is more difficult to give words to my thoughts. I am becoming less expressionless , sometimes I do wonder why do that happen? & then I get the idea because I forgot how I really was. How I used to write.

I understood about myself and in general ,

That happens to a person when they are under the impact of other people and gives less importance to the real self and hence neglecting real knowledge. 3

We all have a skill . A hidden most appropriate skill which we fail to utilize many a times in our lives because there are so many distractions. So much is now in the form of information that we neglect the basic realizations and hence we don’t start from the start. & We feel the need of start in struggle at least somewhere. Not knowing where , we also fail to look inside for an answer . 
It is so unfortunate that almost all the struggle we have is for this world. SO much and so often that we have forgotten the need of our souls. We Think that we are in control of our destiny and so we lost control of reliance of Allah subhana wa ta’aala and so we stopped asking for help from Him altogether forgetting that without Allah’s help we will not be able to commence the ability to use our abilities. We need Him even when we are doing good , even when our intentions are good. We need to understand the complications of this matter. It is a serious matter. 

Now let’s talk a little bit about that hidden skill of ours. 

“Shut your eyes and see.” – James Joyce

We all have the ability to think. We all make different choices and alternative decisions in our lives. We all give ourselves a motivational call when we get up for the sake of going to universities and colleges and schools in the morning. We know that doing this will groom us , we will excel in our lives but how much do we really think when we by chance get up for the fajr?
How much do we think about this world and how much about the hereafter?

We have forgotten to sacrifice for the sake of our creator. We have forgotten to give our souls the food it demands. Mind that the food our souls demand must be the one that comes from the skies because our soul has descended from the skies.

Take a moment to stand back and think where does our struggles lie? Do we even have a sense of direction when it comes to our religion or we just go back to it when we are in a bad state of health, wealth or anything else.Have we learned to trust Allah subhana wa ta’aala? How much do we count on Him and how much do we give ourselves and the surroundings a credit of out well-being? Are we thankful enough? Are our decisions struggled upon and then settled down only for the sake of Allah? DO we love for the sake of Allah? Do we hate for the sake of Allah? Are we willing to change? How much are we willing to change? 

May Allah grant us the peace of mind and heart. May He gives us the ability to use our abilities in acknowledging Him. May He makes us among the ones who are hopeful and fearful of Him at the sametime. May He makes us like the ones who He loves and may He makes us like the ones who He loves. Allahuma Ameen.

Qadr , Fate Or Destiny !

Assalam u alaikum wr wb,

A topic rather a difficult one to understand and maybe that is why I keep writing about it because it is rather complicated. It is a very important factor in terms of our belief. Without believing in destiny the faith cannot get completed as a whole. It is important as a Muslim to believe in the concept of destiny or “qadr” wholeheartedly.
Some points to keep in mind to fully understand the concept:

  1. Destiny is one of the pillars of belief.
  2. Destiny is of about everything and not just of humans. Everything that exists.
  3. Destiny was written down 50,000 years before the world came into existence.
  4. Destiny is a secret of Allah.
  5. Allah practices justice and equity over the humans and do not deprive anybody of their rights.
  6. Don’t think negatively about the decisions of Allah subhana wa taa’ala as the knowledge and understanding of a human is far less and hence far vulnerable .
  7. There is always a certain wisdom behind each of Allah subhana wa taa’ala’s actions (many a times unknown to humans).
  8. The blessings are always redirected towards us by Allah subhana wa taa’ala (of course He makes a cause for them).
  9. The knowledge of Allah Subhana wa taa’ala is perfect and complete in every form and manner whereas humans are weak and have faults in almost every aspect for instance they are mortal,they cannot control anything that happens in their life neither can they be absolutely sure of what happens next.
  10. Destiny is among the علم غیب so one should believe in it and at the same time try not to question it too much.


First what is destiny? When was it written?

And the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “The first thing that Allaah created was the Pen, and He said to it, ‘Write!’ It said, ‘O Lord, what should I write?’ He said: ‘Write down the decrees of all things until the Hour begins.” Narrated by Abu Dawood, 4700; classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh Abi Dawood

Belief in al-Qadar includes four things: 

1 – The belief that Allaah knows all things, in general and in detail, from eternity to eternity, whether that has to do with His actions or the actions of His slaves. 

2 – The belief that Allaah has written that in al-Lawh al-Mahfooz (the Book of Decrees). 

3 – The belief that whatever happens only happens by the will of Allaah – whether that has to do with His actions or the actions of created beings. 

4 – The belief that all things that happen are created by Allaah in their essence, their attributes and their movements. 

Extract from http://islamqa.info/en/34732

Believing in the above mentioned four things is hence very necessary being a Muslim. It is very important to note that whatever we do and whatever we intend do it also by the will of Allah. Does that mean that each of us should be in vain? & To just go with the flow and think that If Allah wills it’ll happen otherwise it won’t so I don’t need to do anything. This is a very wrong concept!
A work is done or a matter is resolved when the struggle of man and the command of Allah meets. Remember Allah never forces especially when a person do not want it as well:

Surah Hud,

“He said, “O my people have you considered: if I should be upon clear evidence from my Lord while He has given me mercy from Himself but it has been made unapparent to you, should we force it upon you while you are averse to it?”

!!A person will be asked about only what he is capable of and however much authority one is given in this world and not more than that. Also remember Allah never does any sort of injustice . He is all-just.
If there is bad happening in this world DOES NOT mean that Allah likes bad and evil Nauzubillah.!!
Allah keeps on giving a person trial after trial in any form may it be blessings and may it be hardships until the time limit reaches for them and then after loosening He tightens their ropes. He does give them some say in their injustices to the world and their surroundings but it is LIMITED. Neither is a human totally bound . Yes, he has a will. Yes,one does what was required from them . One is free to choose. One is free to struggle for what they have chosen.

Moreover,one should always remember these trials and these blessings are for a person to return to one’s creator. They are not for us to be ungrateful of or to be proud of them. The purpose is different and the end result matters.

Ahadith say that prayers change your destiny.

Once a man entered a masjid and asked Hazrat Ali (r.a) ” What is Fate ?”
Hazrat Ali (r.a) said,” Lift your one foot in the air.” He did so.
Hazrat Ali (r.a) said,” Now lift the other one.” (while being in the same position)
He replied,”I can’t”
Hazrat Ali (r.a) said,” This is answer to your question. Half of it Allah has given to you in your hand, and the rest HE has kept to Himself.”


That is why even the Sahaba radi Allah hu anhuma used to make dua(pray) about the destiny. O Allah if you have written us among the ones who are evil fated ( i.e the ones who’ll go to hellfire ) replace it with the ones who have blessed fates ( i.e the ones who’ll go to jannah ). Ameen.

May Allah make us be acceptable from heart for His decisions for us and may we be grateful for them as well whatever may happen. May we be die upon right faith and belief and get enjoined with the righteous ones. Ameen.


A sudden Death …

Assalam u alaikum wr wb,

For now I am speechless, maybe that is why writing is the best option.

Ayah for today;

And if Allah were to impose blame on the people for their wrongdoing, He would not have left upon the earth any creature, but He defers them for a specified term. And when their term has come, they will not remain behind an hour, nor will they precede [it].
The part of the ayah where it says “And when their term has come, they will not remain behind an hour, nor will they precede [it].” I get scared. Have we ever even thought about it that way? Will our time come too? It gives me goosebumps now . Maybe I wouldn’t even know and that time will be near. I cannot think about it. Previously, I only skipped these thoughts as when it’ll come, it’ll come. When I’ll die ,I’ll die there is no alternate of that or no escaping that fact of life. None can deny and none has ever escaped Death! But is that it? Do I need to block the thoughts that come afterwards? or Should I delay them for sometime else ? What are those thoughts…
For me; they are how should I now live. I am not perfect, I need things to be done. I need my worship to improve. I need more than anything to think and believe that there exists another life after this, and that it’ll be very different and difficult for the one I am currently spending my time in. I need to believe in something unseen,something nobody has ever seen and hence we fail to believe in it because we fail to acknowledge it’s existence. I need proper analysis of life after death so I don’t get to live in a way that I was living. I need to properly counsel myself. Death should be a reminder for me that my time is somewhere near but I don’t know exactly how near. What exactly will be the course of death for me… It can’t be nothing. Why then? Why do I keep blocking the way to improve myself ? Why don’t I think in a manner that I should?
“Really” Do think About it .

“Qabool Hai” A mind boggingly awesome workshop: By Brother Raja Zia ul Haq

Assalam u alaikum wr wb,

I am so tired but Alhamdulilah I so want to write about this beneficial workshop. It is a pleasure to write sometimes. So let’s commence with the name of Allah.

بِسمِ اللہِ الرَّحمٰنِ الرَّحِيم
“In (or with) the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, entirely Merciful.”

Who is the most romantic person on the face of this Earth? Many a times we come across this question and every time we get different confusing answers . Mostly because the personalities we cherish are somehow weak or not true in their essence of fictionalization. Who really is the most romantic person? The person is prophet Muhammad صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم . Why should a person get married?

 Abu Huraira (Allah be pleased with him) reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: A woman may be married for four reasons: for her property, her status. her beauty and her religion, so try to get one who is religious, may your hand be besmeared with dust.  Sahih Muslim: 3457 (The book of nikaah).


Now a person can get married because of these 4 reasons. The one reason which is prioritized is her religious commitment. Wonder why? The beauty will last some years and if you have married for that reason will you then divorce your spouse? The lineage and wealth can also crash down. What then? But the lasting thing will be the religious commitment in amazing ways that is the love will begin in this world and will end in the hereafter. That’s the happily ever after, and not the one that we have falsified/fantasized for ourselves. Rather it is someone who will save me and protect me in this world and the means in the hereafter In Sha Allah.

So, the first thing is to get the criteria straight. Don’t compromise on your requirements while getting married. & Don’t confuse yourselves and don’t rush , it’s a big decision.

وَمِنْ آيَاتِهِ أَنْ خَلَقَ لَكُمْ مِنْ أَنْفُسِكُمْ أَزْوَاجًا لِتَسْكُنُوا إِلَيْهَا وَجَعَلَ بَيْنَكُمْ مَوَدَّةً وَرَحْمَةً ۚ إِنَّ فِي ذَ‌ٰلِكَ لَآيَاتٍ لِقَوْمٍ يَتَفَكَّرُونَ

And of His signs is that He created for you from yourselves mates that you may find tranquillity in them; and He placed between you affection and mercy. Indeed in that are signs for a people who give thought.

Surah Rum :21

The second important thing to keep in mind is that when married there is a certain aspect of love during the recent years but after time passes there is necessarily not “love always” , as a routine is now started and it is usually frustrating and it is hard to keep up with the same pace being human. So, the rehmah(mercifulness, gratitude) then keeps the relationship going.

Marriage doesn’t have to kill love. If both parties are sincere and show concern for each others needs. Ibn al qayyim


Thirdly, spouses should stop taking each other for granted. It is therefore important to grow the relationships as much as needed. Relationship is not a salad bar , we cannot pick and choose the attributes of our spouse. You have to break the template which you have created of your spouse. 
As it is a fact that men and women are not created alike. They are two very different beings. One should understand that the spouses don’t think alike as well. The way men think are sequenced and women think in a random fashion. May be that’s why men have wallets and women have big purses/bags. Understand ,A man likes to talk about achievements while socializing and women likes to socialize . That is why an encouragement of different sort is needed for them both. A woman is sensitive about sharing.

Prophet Muhammad صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم used to recite Quran , share food through same utensils as Aisha razi allah tala anha . & Aisha razi allah tala anha used to comb prophet’s hair. They had a chemistry.They laughed. They felt even jeoulos and protective as a normal husband or wife. We have put them on the high pedestals that we don’t know what it truly means to follow the sunnah. Prophet Muhammad صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم used to share stories with his wives,used to joke ,used to run with them as well as do all his chores himself صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم. Who do we follow? How many men do we know who can do all those things and don’t impose their manliness over women.

 هُنَّ لِبَاسٌ لَّكُمْ وَأَنتُمْ لِبَاسٌ لَّهُنَّ

They are clothing/covering (libaas) for you and you for them….”

Spouses are garments for one another. Garment saves us from shamelessness. Garment also beautifies us and meanwhile a person gets beautified in the eyes of Allah subhana wa ta’ala. A garment hides and screens us in a way that it hides our faults and do not advertise them. Garment is closest to one’s body. Garment also provides protection and shields. When one serves another the level of respect increases.

Practical Points :

  1. The public display of affection should be limited and should not create a corruption in the society. To hold hands in a place where it doesn’t matter is okay but to hold hands in khayber pakhtunkhwa is a big deal. So,one has to be careful.
  2. A level of respect should always be there but it should be made a compulsion from day one. No abusive language should ever be used between husband and wife. 
  3. He wants to feel needed and she wants to feel loved. Work together collectively. Promise to defend each other. Come to each other’s rescue. That is how the mawaddah and rehmah will grow.
  4. Frequently make each other feel loved through kind words and little gestures.
  5. Do little acts of service accordingly. This will show your concern and interest in family matter. That can be like assisting with the house and office work.
  6. Understanding each other.
  7. Spending quality time with each other which includes no technology devices. Do something together.
  8. Give gifts. Share some poetry , or nicknames that shows your affection.

“Our Lord! Grant unto us spouses and offspring who will be the comfort of our eyes, and give us (the grace) to lead the righteous. (Rabbana hab lana min azwajina wa dhurriyatina qurrata a`yunin wa’j`alna li’l muttaqina imama)” [Qur’an, 25:74]

رَبَّنَا هَبْ لَنَا مِنْ أَزْوَاجِنَا وَذُرِّيَّاتِنَا قُرَّةَ أَعْيُنٍ وَاجْعَلْنَا لِلْمُتَّقِينَ إِمَاماً

Allahuma Ameen Ya Rabb.


Allah Subhana Wa Taa’ala Is Great & Unimaginable !

Assalam u alaikum wr wb,

Many a times we think that Allah subhana wa ta’ala is very merciful , often it is because we want to sin. This attribute of Allah is a comfort and a hope for all kinds of hearts. Then,we think about Allah subhana wa ta’ala as in a very strict manner and that He will never forgive us , we have sinned too much how do we even stand a chance? So, we stop doing what ever we were doing (Devil’s Aim=Deprivation of hope) . There should be something like a cubicle in which only the people who wants to attain Allah’s nearness should go and all else should be left outside. Is there no way that we can think in a moderate way? In a way that balances and makes us go closer to Allah at the same time. 

Can we be hopeful and fearful at the sametime?

Is it even humanly possible?


Only when we do in depth analysis of what it means to be hopeful and fearful. I have talked about many aspects in which I have talked about Allah’s mercy. This time let’s see how is it that we should also be afraid also. 
Note that Allah teaches us lessons or gives strong Ayahs in Quran so we can be much more conscious of our efforts and not because we become depressed of His mercy. Effort and struggle is however, obligatory.

Some Surah Ibrahim Ayahs:


And never think that Allah is unaware of what the wrongdoers do. He only delays them for a Day when eyes will stare [in horror].


Racing ahead, their heads raised up, their glance does not come back to them, and their hearts are void.


And, [O Muhammad], warn the people of a Day when the punishment will come to them and those who did wrong will say, “Our Lord, delay us for a short term; we will answer Your call and follow the messengers.” [But it will be said], “Had you not sworn, before, that for you there would be no cessation?


And they had planned their plan, but with Allah is [recorded] their plan, even if their plan had been [sufficient] to do away with the mountains.


So never think that Allah will fail in His promise to His messengers. Indeed, Allah is Exalted in Might and Owner of Retribution.


[It will be] on the Day the earth will be replaced by another earth, and the heavens [as well], and all creatures will come out before Allah , the One, the Prevailing.


And you will see the criminals that Day bound together in shackles,


Their garments of liquid pitch and their faces covered by the Fire.


So that Allah will recompense every soul for what it earned. Indeed, Allah is swift in account.


This [Qur’an] is notification for the people that they may be warned thereby and that they may know that He is but one God and that those of understanding will be reminded.

Very strong and powerful ayahs indeed. For a Muslim to be fearful the explanation of these ayahs is necessary. Because we don’t know so we don’t fear just like when we don’t know we cannot love or acknowledge the importance of anything. For the Quran is for the people who uses the intellect. How is it that the man is so ignorant and is going with full speed into the pitfall. Can we even imagine the loss, the humiliation , the way … It is impossible to conjure this loss.
May we be able to reflect and attain the hope of Allah’s mercy and Fear of His punishment and May we all enter Jannah with Allah’s grace and get saved from hell fire . Ameen.

The One Who is Praised

Yet he prayed for me before my birth…

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By Mariam Riaz

As I lifted my pen to write his praise

Words failed me, my heart did race
If only the world understood his place
Insignificant am I, what’s my worth?
Yet he prayed for me before my birth
The kindest man to have walked this earth
The moon did fade to his beauty
Despite it, an emblem of modesty
And the highest example of honesty
What would I give to have him here now,
Striking those around him with awe?
What crowds would his presence draw!
The Message he was sent to preach
More liberating than “freedom of speech”
Sent from Heights our minds can’t reach
His Honour came from the skies
It cannot be snatched with their lies
For his mention was only meant to rise
His praise resonates across the world
#WhoIsMuhammad, peace be upon his soul
My teacher, my mentor, beloved above all.

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Allah the “lateef” : Grants in way that we don’t sense it!

Assalam u alaikum wr wb,

I hope you are doing fine, reader. 
Today what I want to talk about is how much obliged we should be towards Allah subhana wa taa’ala and how much we really are. How much grateful are we for the favors of the Allah subhana Wa ta’aala. Do we even acknowledge the favors?


When a calamity strikes us , we say and think , why me?
When we get deprived of something, we say and think, I just wanted this one thing I don’t even ask for more why am I not granted then? Why is life so unfair with me? Why doesn’t God listen to my prayers?


I want me and you to think for a moment. What do we have? How much do we have? For How long are we in control of it? Do I deserve what I have? How much work have I done for what I have? Am I capable enough and am I handling well of all that I have? So, of all the blessings like eyes,ears , other body parts and many others that I cannot even totally count. I am not grateful . Not only ungrateful but also I am negligent of all these blessings because I get them so often and I use them very frequently. 

To elucidate a little bit more lets take an example. A friend in need is a friend indeed. It’s a very old moral lesson and very true too . Lets see it in another way, A mother takes care of a child. A mother does everything from mopping the dirt to feeding them, then what happens when a child grows up? Ping. I tell you what , the favours become so repetitive and so very frequent that we become negligent of them. Now, when a complete stranger or even the one we call our friend whom we know for a year or two or even more, does some sort of favor upon us and we thank them in a manner we have never thanked our mother. What is missing or wrong is not expressing our gratitude towards our friend but how lightly we take the favours of our mother now. How less we are grateful towards her!  #Reflection

Lets now see , how much obliged we should be towards Allah subhana wa taa’ala and how much we really are?
Allah gives us everything. From a toe’s nail to the basic body part that is heart. He made us. Time after sometime He tests us so we become aware of these blessings, acknowledge them and don’t totally forget Him While going about in our lives. Not only a test but also He knows what is best for us and what is not, so He deprives us of somethings and gives us somethings better but later. In former view, He tests us so to exhaust us and to give us something which no eye has seen before that is the heaven’s abode. It is like just before the exams, a student who wants to pass the exam or take good marks has to exhaust themselves doing deep studies even if those studies bore them to death. Else, the frustration it gives is a punishment itself. Same is the life test , one needs exhaustive preparations for death, taking this life as an exam. Because the reward is much bigger and will be for those who deeply exhaust themselves for it.
In the latter view, Allah subhana wa taa’ala knows what is best for us, it only takes a certain amount of patience and little bit of wisdom to not whine about at the time of calamity and trust in His timings. Allah has the full authority along with the love for His mankind who worships Him. Allah does not let us go lost , all we need is to trust His knowledge which He has of our lives. Hence, He makes it a part of the bigger plan which He has for us. Step by step we move along a journey and everybody has a different journey. 

Bottom line :
A self analysis is needed and only I myself can acknowledge the blessings that I have and the kind of effort I put in to solve my life test. Am I grateful enough is a question I need to ask my self? over and over again.

May Allah grant us all the ability to think and reflect in all the actions that we do . May we be able to deeply reflect in the ayahs of Quran. Ameen.

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