Regrets or Just Lessons Learnt

Assalam u alaikum wr wb,

I am writing this post because I was just wondering about regrets in life. What is this term “regret”? Where does it really get you? You feel guilty of a mistake and you start saying , I regret doing this or I wish I hadn’t done that. I believe it is not what we do which we should regret about. All of it is a part of a learning process. Indisputably, accepting that one is learning throughout this life might get us all moving in the right path. Whereas just simply regretting our behaviors and feeling ashamed of our mistakes will eventually get us stuck in one place. Nevertheless,being a human it is hard to STOP making mistakes and it is much harder to move on from the dire consequences of those mistakes. Thus, it is vital to strike a balance and accept the bad behaviors as often as we accept the good ones. Clearly, there is beauty in the silliness as well.

First of all, keeping track of one’s learning is the key. To illustrate let’s look at an example of a newly wed couple. Specifically both of the partners have needs and wants, it is easy to accept the needs of them but generally the “wants” cause some problems. Once they are married all things start to unlock, the vulnerabilities , the weaknesses and expectations start to develop. Because of the weak nature of a human, these weaknesses are always going to be there and they are likewise present in the other partner as well. So, arguments are likely to arise and they cannot be denied. Healthy relationships strive on healthy arguments which mutually goes into a middle way and working towards the same goal. Additionally, if both partners are understanding of this behavior it becomes easier to accept the other as a whole providing that there are still ups and downs which is quite basic. Let’s just say if this is not the case, then the battle starts to unravel in which each partner is loosing. Now if both of them are always learning new things about each other and are always putting efforts as needed, their significant other will not only be satisfied but also will try to return the favor. This will result in a more heavenly environment.

Secondly, excuses are not an option. Additionally, if a person is in the mindset of learning and seeking out to do things he/she wants to make a difference in, then they should make no excuses. Nobody should blame anybody else for the way they reacted. One should simply believe that they were themselves not in the right state of mind to either get out of the situation or they were also venting out on their past mistakes. Hence, no matter what you have be very careful and rather suggestive of positive things for yourself then trying to avoid the negatives by making excuses.

Thirdly and most importantly, God didn’t put us on this earth to complain and disregard ourselves. Admittedly, we are His best creation given that we carry on thinking and improving on the run and not think highly of ourselves at the same time.

Have a nice day.

Smoking kills.. Bit by bit

Assalam u alaikum warahmatullah hi wabarakatuhu

Hope all is going well at your end. This topic is a hard topic as we always read smoking kills and yet we see so many around us smoking like chimneys day and night. Undeniably, smoking is not healthy whereas there are some attractive reasons to why people smoke. In this article, I will point out exactly what smoking does to a human body and how even smoking one cigarette can damage an individual.

Mucus is like the Phlegm which is produced by influenza. It is produced in our lungs in a certain amount. Smoking cigarettes causes increase in the amount of mucus and since the lungs have no way of cleaning themselves, there is no way that it can go back to original healthy one. A Japanese teacher while illustrating his students the affect of just 60 cigarettes on a lung is drastic. Smoking can cause damage to lung tissues in a far more faster way than one might think. Have you ever thought , how long does nicotine stay in your system when you smoke 1 cigarette? Nicotine is usually absorbed in the blood stream of a person. It takes approximately FOUR days for the nicotine to be completely removed or urinated out of one’s body.

Furthermore, smoking only four cigarettes per day increases the risk of a person’s dying from cancer, heart illness or other diseases and according to a fact sheet its also proven with an experiment conducted in different countries. The Link

Our health is a big blessing which we attain by giving away nothing. We never truly realize it’s value until it’s gone. Once a while everyone of us should be visit a sick person just to see where do we stand and how truly blessed we are. It’s not only a metric for our physical well being but also the well being of our personalities. How we choose to live defines us and grooms or shapes our outer as well as inner beings. Even if a single smoker comes across this article, I just want you to rethink how truly blessed you are. You are appreciated for trying and you will be rewarded immensely for quitting. I do hope that you find your peace in a sane thing. In Sha Allah.

Hope2Go On!

Don’t look back and do go on for there are new horizons waiting for the success of each and everyone of us. Amen to that.

Writing After A Long Long Time

اَلسَلامُ عَلَيْكُم وَرَحْمَةُ اَللهِ 

It’s been so long since I have written on my blog. I really miss it, well I guess sometimes life gives you some blessings that are so close to the heart and then you forget even you own self. That was what happened to me too. The eyes should see the beauties of all that we are being blessed with and should deter anything that comes negatively to us. Surely, it is not that easy but it is the only way to move forward with no regrets.

Yesterday, I just thought how much time do I waste by just thinking about what to do with my time, daydreaming, procrastinating and I don’t realize all of it is gone. Being able to carry out responsibilities of home and family does make me a lot lethargic to have a time for myself. Who cares though, I would always have time for myself or at least I will try to make it up for myself.

Question Yourself!

How do you know it’s time to start doing something?

There is always time to initiate and start doing what you love doing. Once you are on the journey, things will start to happen. For instance, let’s look at my example, I have been waiting for a kid to play with and have fun with him. When he arrived, I was pleased but also a rush of emotions developed in me which made me a completely different person. I started listening for him to make a sound and I was all ready to do my work and it remains like that for one or two years I suppose. Although, I had a family support and strong people around me still I wasn’t able to manage my time well and that made me frustrated. But much more sooner, I was working even faster than I had ever worked before. This made me surprised and I started thinking about myself and the amount of efforts I am capable of doing. It not only made me much more alert but also I got a hang of relationships and true friendships. I believed and believed more. I happened to understand that my journey has just began and clouds are just starting to move away to make me see the clear beautiful sky.

Today, I am writing as I am watching my little sunshine smile at me and thinking how much exploration of this beautiful world still has to be made and how infectious a smile is. Allah has made these pathways for us to travel and reach Him in the best of forms which we can attain by persevering in our daily tasks. Increase your capabilities and challenge yourself each day to do more. Remember your only competition is your past self.

May Allah help all of us through our journeys and help us become a better person each day, Ameen.


God is Perfect; Our Best Hope is Allah

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم

What is the purpose of asking questions about the origin and end of this world? What is the askance about origin of our being and purpose of asking questions about Allah and His ultimate existence?

The reason of having these questions and wanting an answer for them is actually a blessing and not overthinking. It is not troubling to find out about our creator or read about religion. I believe this is the first step if any, in the direction of having a true understanding [if Allah wills]. I ask Allah to give me the power through my words to be able to write a nice and logical answer to this question which can open hearts, Ameen.

Question: Is God everywhere and is found in a person’s heartbeat and in the flowers and in mountains?

This is a question which probably makes sense in many people’s mind.  When a person believes in humanity as it is seen and felt, they start to believe in God as a human as well or anything which gets to the human eye and seem to be perfect let’s say any visible thing. Whereas, another question comes to mind that no doubt these things are beautiful and have an allure of attention towards them, but why then they are flawed? Why then they wither or die? Or even crack in case of mountains? Which gives rise to the seemingly hidden question i.e. Is God imperfect then? That gives rise to a contradiction again. How come human beings and this universe as a whole is perfect which are a design and a pattern of full accuracy and beauty? These facts do make one think and think reasonably. God cannot be these things neither does He reside in them. He must have a full existence and He cannot be like anything anyone has ever seen. He is the perfect one.

لَيْسَ كَمِثْلِهِ شَيْءٌ

{Nothing resembles Him (Allah) in any way}

Al-Shura: 11

Only He can define Himself and only He has the power to create everything out of nothingness. This is the reason why we believe in Him and have a conviction that He can make or break as He wills. As He is our perfect creator so He is all-wise and all-knowing as well and this is the reason why we entrust Him and whether or not we understand, we know that it is from Allah and it will make sense when the end comes near.

May Allah grant us the true understanding of our religion and May He help us in all the walks of life so that we never slip. Ameen.


Hypocrites and Their Attributes

Assalam u alaikum wr wb,

I have been wondering from quite a lot of time now what is fear? Who are we afraid of? & Why? Sometimes we are afraid of petty things which are insignificant in nature like losing an important entity and other times we are not afraid of much bigger things like death itself. It maybe because we just want to believe that its an unimportant matter or who knows what and when will it happen? We just push it in that part of our brain where we believe that all the good that I am doing today , I will be rewarded for that. Which makes complete sense and it is a very sane notion.

As a Muslim though,  I have to take it a step further by saying that one will be rewarded and punished based on one’s faith and that if I really believed that Allah SWT will be judging them because of the belief and just by listening to these ayahs today, I got an idea what should we really be afraid of?



May Allah make us among those who truly believe and not make us amongst the hypocrites. For Allah is the only one who is most Higher in power and in mercy. Ameen.


Believe & Understandings

Assalam u alaikum wr wb,

From the last few days, I have been thinking about the fact that understanding is a big thing related to all matters of one’s act. In life the most important thing is what understanding really is?

How is believe different from understanding and acknowledging different notions in life?

These are the questions each of us should ask ourselves.  Do we know the way we practice both of these things is right or wrong? Do we seek knowledge for understanding it even?

Belief is a matter of heart. I realized lately, what we have in hearts is unknown to everyone and even to us at times. Even if we are doing a good deed, we might not be focused enough for its impacts and beneficiaries. What is in our hearts is eventually what matters because heart is our guide to stay focused. I always thought what it is like to think from the heart. Strange concept, isn’t it? It really is not that strange. Some things we believe in always doesn’t have to make sense for instance how continuous does our heart beat and we have no control over it but we somehow believe that it will keep on happening. This belief however is very strengthening and it doesn’t fall off easily. Sometimes it needs practically something’s to happen for us to realize okay, yes this can happen. A man died so, I can die too.  If no one dies in front of us, we won’t believe it.

Reality is another name for belief.

In other words, what happens to us in reality it becomes our belief. At large, when many people believe in it, it becomes a fact. As a matter of fact, fact is an experience which is proven by many because the outcomes of the situation were the same for all of them. Is it really true though? There are rare cases as well. Odd ones out as well.  Miracles as well. There is a reason those things exist apart from the lies. But, the real understanding is in believing of an individual. Each of us believe in a different level and we all perceive life as it comes to us by experiencing if what we believed in was even true or not? That is the reason why everyone has different beliefs and perceptions.

Believes are firm because conviction has played an important role in its making. A true believe cannot be altered easily as it either based on experience or proper research. Important thing to remember is, control over each and every one of our thoughts will rise to that belief. Which thought will we give power, will become our belief.

Have a Nice Day by practicing good thoughts. 🙂



Fe Aman Allah.


What is my dream? How do I attain it?

Dream, passion and motivation to do what is right and not what is easy is the task every individual should have. Some dreams tend to be only dreams because they are not followed also because they are not allowed by others sometimes. Believing in yourself is also an art. What we are is what we become.

I never understood this quotation:

“Watch your thoughts, they become words;
watch your words, they become actions;
watch your actions, they become habits;
watch your habits, they become character;
watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”


The meaning of this is however very much true. Life is actually a balance and it is a scale which requires balance and focus all the time. For if we loose even one bit, we kind of loose our track. It all starts with the thoughts.

Thoughts, thoughts and thoughts. Several thoughts goes across our minds during the day and even in the middle of the night. Sometimes we are aware of these thoughts , other times we are not. For instance getting up in the morning and thinking about how I will spend my day is a controlled thought. Whereas a dream and some thoughts that arise after a horrible dream, are not controlled patterns of a thinking process. While conscious and while being wide awake ,we can only talk about the real concrete thoughts and that makes sense as well.

Thinking is wanting. We move ahead by recognizing that this is something I really desire, that is why I am thinking about it. A dream comes true when this desire gets the right direction. A person who wants to be doctor , not only have to read books but also have to have a passion of wanting to know more and more about life about bio. It goes same with every other profession or dream. You don’t need to have a degree for your dream. You don’t recognition from the other people, they will automatically know that you are the best. It’s a deriving energy inside of a person which helps them acquire what they really want and at this point they have stopped thinking about the people.

Motivation to do what we want is important. We have to find something or someone who motivates us on the daily basis or even weekly basis or something we look up-to in order to keep going forward in-spite of all the hurdles and troubles which comes our way.

After motivation comes the action plan and we keep on striving until we have achieved our dream goal. It might seem to be a three easy step process but its not that easy. It requires hard work for sure.

All the hard work will be worth at the end of our goal.

Have a nice day and keep moving towards making your dream come true.


When you see me..

A little poem for the way a girl should see herself and the way others look at her despite her contribution in making the world a better place.

Today you see me as an emotional fool,
Yet you haven’t seen the courage, emotions bring..
Today you have just made fun of me,
Yet you haven’t seen the ways I have dealt with nuisance..
Today you have made me afraid again of reaching the success,
Yet you don’t realize my power and courage of getting back up..
Today you have hurt me through another turn,
Yet I smiled just because I know some turns have to be rough enough..

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